FileMaker - Office 365 Productivity suite

Boost your productivity, connect to Office 365

Office 365 gives your business greater productivity. FM 365 connects your FileMaker solution to Office 365 giving you the power to sync contacts over all devices; iPhone, iPad, Mac & Windows within your company. Give your employees the ability to share that information quickly and securely with a reliable communications solution.

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All your email accessible in your FileMaker solution

In business, email is still the primary channel of communication. While convenient, email is still centered around a single person. FM 365 pulls in email from all accounts of activity to display them in the customer card layout in FileMaker. FM 365 provides a clear overview of the latest communication to and from the contacts going beyond person-to-person communication.


Connect FileMaker & Office 365 to:

  • Keep customer contacts in sync
  • Integrate all email communication in your solution without the use of plugins
  • FileMaker contacts accessible in Mail/Outlook
  • All your customer data up-to-date
  • Native address book integration on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows mobile
  • Quickly identify incoming callers on mobile devices


Email & Contacts accessible in FileMaker on all devices

By connecting your FileMaker solution to your 365 Account, your users will get a better user experience. Never ask your colleagues for an email again. Whenever a user creates a new email, the to address will automatically autocomplete the address with contacts from your FileMaker database.

Sell to all your customers

With our Developer license

With over 32 million paid subscribers, chances are some of your customers & leads already use Office 365.
Do you want the freedom to bundel or to sell to any number of customers? Get the development license
  • Win over new customers with the ability to integrate
  • Help customers take advantage of email marketing & grow their business
  • Sell to any number of customers when purchasing our developer license
  • Add the ability to connect to the customer’s email & contacts to empower your vertical / FileMaker solution




Start being productive, connect to FM 365

Office 365 offers a simple and convenient way to move your productivity applications to the cloud. Mail, contacts & agendas are still some of the most used applications in the world, and with Office 365 productivity suite Microsoft offers a consistent user experience across all platforms. With the introduction of FM 365, our customers can now tap into their productivity suite straight from FileMaker.

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