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FileMaker & MailChimp FAQ

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MailChimp takes the guesswork out of Email Marketing, combining a variety of common automation tasks in one interface. Use custom triggers based on data from your FileMaker solution. Sending out Newsletters & Email Campaigns is no longer a tedious, manual task. Let FM Chimp, the FileMaker MailChimp connector does the job for you. Curious about the features?

FileMaker MailChimp connector

Installation process

We include an extensive manual integration performed by a Kempen Automatisering engineer. We perform the integration completely remote using After scheduling a date a Kempen Automatisering engineer will perform the integration on the FileMaker database of your choice.

What makes up FM Chimp

FM Chimp is consists of an open & unlocked FileMaker Pro 13/14/15/16/17 database and a set of PHP Files. FileMaker has a Custom Web Publishings engine which means PHP can interact with your FileMaker database. This is also the reason FM Chimp requires you to have a FileMaker server or use a FileMaker hosting service that enables you to connect via Custom Web Publishing. We don’t use a plugin of any sorts. The entire process is server side and thus less error prone.

FM Chimp uses a set of PHP files to communicate between FileMaker & MailChimp. We use the MailChimp API 3.0 to communicate with MailChimp, which was specifically designed by MailChimp to communicate with external services and software products. API v3.0 is RESTful, self-describing, and fully discoverable, providing a "playground" for developers to experiment with the communication with MailChimp.

FM CHIMP offers a GUI to match your desired FileMaker fields in your solutions to your MailChimp list fields. Each field can be used in the segmentation of your campaign. Send an Email Campaign based on the data in your FileMaker solution, for instance location of your customers, invoice totals, purchases, interests, etc.

FileMaker MailChimp processes

  • subscribedAt
  • unsubscribedAt
  • cleanedAt
  • updatedAt
  • action (unsubscribe or delete)
  • reason (unsubscribed, cleaned or rejection)

Implemented api features

  • FM Chimp pushes new subscribers from MailChimp to FileMaker
  • FM Chimp pushes subscriber profile updates from MailChimp to FileMaker.
  • FM Chimp pushes new subscribers from FileMaker to MailChimp.
  • FM Chimp pushes unsubscribes from FileMaker to MailChimp.
  • FM Chimp pushes unsubscribes from MailChimp to FileMaker.
  • FM Chimp pushes bounces from MailChimp to FileMaker.
  • FM Chimp removes removals made in FileMaker in MailChimp.
  • FM Chimp pushes updates from subscribers from FileMaker to MailChimp.
  • FM Chimp pushes statistics from MailChimp to FileMaker

We offer customers who purchased previous FM licenses an upgrade price for upgrades. Since we not only keep developing FM Chimp to work with future MailChimp APi version we keep implementing new features.

Installations preperations

In preperation of each implementation we ask customers to provide us with the following information:

  • Remote Desktop, VNC or TeamViewer (free) connection to your FileMaker Server: Address, username and
  • password.
  • Remote Desktop, VNC or TeamViewer connection to a FileMaker Pro Client: Address, username and password (in case it is another machine).
  • Your FileMaker solution: Filename, full access account (username and password), table name, required
  • fields and value lists (optional).
  • MailChimp: Username, password, list name (new or existing).
  • FileMaker Server setup (single or double server, local network or hosted).
  • FileMaker Server operating system.
  • FileMaker Server software version.
  • FileMaker Pro Client operating system.
  • FileMaker Pro Client software version.
  • Do you want to use MailChimp Webhooks?
  • More information:
  • 11. Do you want to use double Opt-In? More information:
  • It is important to think thoroughly about the fields and value lists that you want to use. The data of these fields will be communicated between your FileMaker database and MailChimp.

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