FileMaker invoice template

FileMaker invoice templates

FM KickStart offers user a Free and open FileMaker invoice template. Simply download and open the FileMaker invoice template using FileMaker Pro 12 or FileMaker GO 12 (Which is also free). Out of the box FM KickStart offers the following functionalities:
- Save and manage all customer data.
- Easily add your companies stationary giving your invoice a better look

- E-mail or print the invoice


filemaker invoice template




The advantages of using an FileMaker invoice template is:

- A kickstart to your development providing users instantly with a set of basic functionalities, preventing you from reinventing the wheel.
- Compared to many online invoice solutions you are the owner of all your data that resides in the invoice solution.
- FM KickStart is completely open and free, providing you with the ability to edit and change the solution in any way you see fit. In contrast to online invoice products that offer only a fixed set of functionalities with a limited amount of customization for the end user.

How to start with the FileMaker invoice template:

1. Obtain a FileMaker Pro 12 installation, either by installing the demo which can be used freely for 30 days, or by buying FileMaker Pro 12 in the online FileMaker store.

* Download the FileMaker GO 12 app using the Apple App store. Currently the FileMaker GO app is only available for IOS devices meaning; iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The development functionalities which can be used to extend FM KickStart are only available in FileMaker Pro 12.

2. Install FileMaker Pro 12 according to the description provided by FileMaker

3. Open FM KickStart

4. Start sending invoices to your customers, or continue extending and tailoring FM KickStart.

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