FM Commerce: connecting FileMaker & Magento

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FileMaker magento



FileMaker & Magento

Without a doubt, Magento is the most used software for setting up an online webshop. FM Commerce is a connector developed by Kempen Automation and provides you with what you need to integrate your Magento webshop with a new or existing FileMaker database.

  • Keep your order data in a central location
  • Automatically get customer data in your database
  • Improve your order workflow in FileMaker
  • Manage multiple stores from a single database
FM Commerce supports Magento up-to 1.9.2 
ETA for 2.1 is Oktober 2016

 Starting at €599

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FileMaker magento





FileMaker Magento connection

You can use FM Commerce to load orders and customer data directly from your webshop into your FileMaker database! This automation tool eliminates mind numbing re-typing or other manual import/export tasks while at the same time avoiding the introduction of errors.

Magento is the eCommerce software and platform trusted by the world's leading brands. The Magento platform is available in two versions: a free & open source community version, and an Enterprise version. Merchants with Magento as their eCommerce platform use extensions to make their online stores do even more.





FileMaker Magento API

FM Commerce uses the Magento API, an API which is specifically designed by Magento for exchanging data with other systems. This overcomes performance issues that occur when using other techniques, such as linking via ODBC.



FileMaker magento


Better insight into your eCommerce

FileMaker offers an expansive collection of functionality to easily generate advanced reports, graphics, and statistics based on your Magento data. The FileMaker Magento connector will allow you to have a better overview of trends in orders and customer transactions.

For the third year in a row, Magento has powered more Internet Retailer Top 1000 merchants than anyone else. Magento is a powerful, open source, cloud-based, online shopping platform solution used by companies large & small to build beautiful online shops. By connecting FileMaker to Magento you centralize your customers, orders and shipments providing a single interface for all your customer data.




So, what does it cost?

FM Commerce is comprised of a collection of FileMaker and PHP scripts that serve as the link between Magento and a FileMaker database. The total price for managing the exchange depends on the number of fields you would like to synchronize. The minimum fee for linking a simple FileMaker database to an existing Magento webshop is €599. Do you need more information about the costs or how a link is set up, Feel free to contact us.



Example process

FM Commerce consists of a set of PHP Files that translate FileMaker [insert from URL script steps] to Magento API calls.

  • FM Commerce works with the Community or the Enterprise edition.
  • The current version of FM Commerce connects to the most recent Magento version.
  • We dont use plugins. Do you have FileMaker Pro 13, 14 or 15 & Magento? Then your ready to go!.

FileMaker Magento process




Import Magento Sales orders

Magento is a great product to set up an online shopping experience for your customers.
By integrating the online shop with FileMaker you can really make it fly. Connect one or more shops to a single FileMaker database to create a single interface for all your customer data; manually copying and pasting between systems is a thing of the past.

Update Magento stock from FileMaker


Open & Unlocked

FM Commerce offers a “non-blackbox” approach. All code is completely open and unlocked giving you the ability to be in full control of the process. Our approach allows for deep integration with your existing code base enabling customers to make their own decisions about how and where to pull in Magento data.

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