FM Commerce - Installation description

Download FileMaker Go 12
(For working on the iPad)
Download FileMaker Pro 12
(For working on the laptop/desktop)
Download FM KickStart
(You need FileMaker Pro 12/Go 12)


We will keep you up-to-date of any upcoming FM KickStart updates
After purchasing the FM Magento license you will receive:
• fmcommerce.fmp12
• PHP Files
The folder 'fmcommerce' contain all the required PHP files and can be hosted on the server that houses your Magento shop. The example records in the file 'fmcommerce.fmp12' illustrate the example URL’s to be used to trigger the PHP files.
Each function has a documentation link to the corresponding Magento reference. There is also an example script that illustrates how to receive orders from Magento.
Functions and Files
- Get Orders: get_salesorder_list.php, get_salesorder_info.php, get_salesorder_items.php
- Create Invoice: salesorder_create_invoice.php
- Create Shipment: salesorder_create_shipment.php
- Update Stock Item: cataloginventory_update_stockitem.php
- Update Tier Price: catalogproduct_update_tierprice.php
- Configuration File: config.php
• Create a Magento API User
• Configure the file 'config.php' with the correct URL, APIUSER, TIMEZONE and DECSEP (decimal separator)
• Place the folder 'fmcommerce' on a server capable of running PHP (e.g. your Magento- or FileMaker server)
• Open the file 'fmcommerce.fmp12'
• Point the base URL towards the folder fmcommerce, e.g. your.server.address/fmcommerce/
• Enter the correct API Key
All examples are based on the http protocol. If you are using SSL, you have to modify httppost into httpspost.
More info about the Magento API:

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