FileMaker Hosting: safe and easy

Download FileMaker Go 12
(For working on the iPad)
Download FileMaker Pro 12
(For working on the laptop/desktop)
Download FM KickStart
(You need FileMaker Pro 12/Go 12)


We will keep you up-to-date of any upcoming FM KickStart updates

With FileMaker Hosting Kempen Automatisering always offers safe access to your business data. Real-time and 24/7.This means that the most recent data is always displayed and you and your colleagues can work in the database simultaneously.Wherever you are.

Whether you are using an iPad, getting an order from the management system, sitting at home on your couch, going through the planning or looking up an address for an appointment in the client database on your iPhone, it’s all possible use FileMaker hosting. In FileMaker Go and FileMaker you can read how.


Why use FileMaker Hosting?

You don’t need any specific knowledge to make all the applications run smoothly. After all, user-friendliness is key. We deal with the technical details behind FileMaker Hosting. We ensure that your data is stored properly and safely. And if ever there is a problem with the hardware (the physical server) you can always come back to us for the most recent back up. Because our FileMaker Hosting automatically backs up your business data. It is easy.


FileMaker Hosting

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