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FileMaker & MailChimp

MailChimp is the absolute market leader in email marketing. With 12 million customers, MailChimp is the absolute market leader with an unrivaled set of features providing online Email Marketing for managing contacts, sending emails and tracking results. We supply you with the necessary PHP & FileMaker scripts to let you connect your FileMaker solution to your MailChimp account.

As of 2015 Kempen Automatisering is an official MailChimp API integration Expert. FM Chimp is now an official Integration product. The only solution & partner that connects MailChimp with FileMaker.

FM Chimp for all details

 starting at just € 450,-






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Connecting best of both worlds like never before

FM Chimp connects your new or existing FileMaker Pro solution with the MailChimp platform. Lightning fast & rock solid - server-side technology offering fully automated data exchange between FileMaker & MailChimp. FMChimp provides a powerful alternative to error-prone client-side solutions. Fusing the world's most user friendly databases with the world's most powerful email marketing solution.





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A open & customizable FileMaker file
Handling all the logic of the MailChimp exchange. Simply connect your or the custom FileMaker solution of your customers by creating a single FileMaker occurrence.




FileMaker MailChimp php icon


PHP Files
connecting the FileMaker database to the service of MailChimp. Exchanging subscriber & CRM data between the MailChimp service and the FileMaker database.



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Easy documentation
Allowing you to quickly integrate any FileMaker database with the MailChimp service. We designed FM CHIMP to have the absolute minimal implication on existing FileMaker solutions you want to connect with.




Simple, Powerful & Secure

Easy email design that makes coding HTML a thing of the past. Send beautiful email that is browser, email client & mobile friendly to optimize your marketing message. Harness powerful marketing automation & online statistics previously reserved for big budget companies. Respond, track & measure your email marketing campaigns like a pro.

If you choose FM Chimp, we provide you with a FileMaker file that will guide you through each step along the integration process. Three years after the first release, we proudly present the following new additions:
  • A new setup wizard making the setup even easier
  • We integrate without an intermediate FM file
  • Now introducing advanced statistics right into your FileMaker solution
  • Double opt-in is now supported out-of-the-box
  • Now faster than ever


Integrate Email Marketing in a day

FM CHIMP allows you and your customers to harness the powerful serves of MailChimp. Avoiding high upfront development cost and heavy changes to the FileMaker solution of choice. The integration is setup with the absolute minimal effort in mind for the developer.

FileMaker MailChimp process









FileMaker MailChimp freddie



MailChimp cost

If you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free. There's no expiring trial, contract, or credit card required.




Direct Mail is targeted.

Economical; Compared to other forms of advertising, direct mail is very cost-effective. Email Marketing is personal; you determine who will receive your mail, you can also create a message that will interest them. Email Marketing is efficient; a solid direct mail campaign can be designed and implemented quickly.

Using FM CHIMP you can easily implement world's best Email marketing solution on your favorite FileMaker database.


FileMaker MailChimp integration










Manage Subscriptions

Kempen IT offers FileMaker users the tools to take advantage of the excellent 
MailChimp platform. Providing you with the necessary PHP & FileMaker scripts 
to let you connect your FileMaker solution to your MailChimp account.
Sync contacts, updates, subscribers, unsubscribers, clicks, opens, visits & bounces 
Send out targeted email campaigns based on your FileMaker data.
Adapt as little as possible to connect your FileMaker solution
Make good use of your historical customer data in FileMaker by sending out 
highly targeted emails that resonate with your clients.


In order to implement FM Chimp you will need the following components: A server or FileMaker hosting, FileMaker Server (13-14-15) and FIleMaker Pro (13-14-15), A (free) MailChimp Account.

MailChimp® is a registered trademark of The Rocket Science Group.

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