FileMaker integrations

Kempen Automatisering makes smart connections between systems, applications and databases.

We ensure that your FileMaker database exchanges data with email programs, accounting applications, marketing apps, on line web shops, web applications and on line applications such as MailChimp.

Our standard connectors

Tools 100% developed by Kempen Automatisering to connect FileMaker with other applications.

Need a connector?
FileMaker MailChimp

Powerful email marketing and marketing automation for your FileMaker database.

More about FileMaker & MailChimp

Up for it? Curious about our standard connections?     035 77 30 111 -  [email protected]

FileMaker integrations

Kempen Automatisering regularly connects with the following systems.

FileMaker Twinfield

Financial data in FileMaker? Book this automatically to your Twinfield account.

Have your contracts, agreements, quotations and PDF's signed simply and legally in your FileMaker system

Does your company deal with compliance & legislation regarding the clients you hire? Relian checks your customer & company data for criminal activities.

MailPlus / Spotler

Email marketing & automation tool from Dutch soil.

Google Maps

Easily generate geographical maps on the basis of your FileMaker data.

iCal / Outlook / Google Calendar

Connect your FileMaker application to your outlook, iCal and mobile applications.

Currency exchanges

Do you work with multiple currencies? We can process the rates offered by the European central bank in your application.

Pro6PP Postcode validation

Client address data easily completed and validated based on the postal codes.

Want to connect? Would you like to develop a system that can communicate with these services?     035 77 30 111 -  email

FileMaker Web connections

Kempen Automatisering has connected or published with the following platforms several time

Email server

Import & analyze email traffic in your FileMaker application.


Easy access to data of applications based on MYSQL via ODBC.


Years of experience with data exchange between FileMaker & REST JSON/XML applications.


Easy Excel/CSV XML importing and exporting with FileMaker.


Publish FileMaker data on your drupal website.


Publish FileMaker data on your WordPress data.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails applications that communicate with your FileMaker database.


Publish FileMaker data on your Lavarel website.

FullContact API

Enrich your client CRM data with public social media. CRM

Import teamleader CRM data in your FileMaker system.

Import conference visitors in your FileMaker CRM database.


Develop PHP applications that can easily communicate with your FileMaker database

Want to connect? Do you want to develop a system that can communicate with these services?      035 77 30 111 -  [email protected]

Connect your application to FileMaker?

Kempen Automatisering provides integrations and connections with existing and new FileMaker databases. Almost every online application offer a possibility to connect with. To get to the perfect connector we work according the following points of action.

  1. Meeting without any obligations

    During a first meeting we explore your wishes together.

  2. Research

    Kempen Automatisering research the "API documentation" or the possibilities of connecting the system to FileMaker. In 90% of the cases this API follows a standaard we are already know.

  3. Budgetting

    Based on your wishes and the documentation we will give you an indiction of the cost for the hours we need to make the connector a success.

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