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Procurement Sales software

Is your company focused on the procurement & sales of goods, materials or products?

Powerful custom software written to support the work processes of your company.

Curious about the possibilities of improving your sales organization?

Questions? Curious about the possibilities of a FileMaker system? 035 77 30 111 -  [email protected]

Procurement / Sales software

A clear 360 degrees overview of your client & your sales.

We use data from your existing systems to create a clear overview for your sales team. Easily make handy selections for calculating sales forecasts and monitoring the sales figures in your procurement sales software.

Add CRM to our application and offer your employees the ideal opportunity to evaluate contact with your business clients. For example, work with smart reminders for clients with periodical order patterns. Does a client order the same kind of materials for an event every year? Play in on this proactively.

Better insight into the ordering behavior of your clients? With smart search orders, you can immediately acquire the turnover figures in FileMaker without these reports needing to be worked out by the developer.

Well-secured cloud software

Consult your system in the FileMaker cloud or in own management, easily and everywhere.

Mobil and Crossplatform

Whether you work on Mac, Windows or on the iPad, log right in.


Missing features that you would like to register? Add them or have them added.

Integration with your existing systems

Would you like to send email campaigns to existing or potential clients? Kempen Automatisering is a MailChimp Expert & integration partner.

inkoop verkoop software

Procurement / Sales software

Easily create powerful calculations based on databases with standard work, rates, product characteristics.

No hassles with excel lists which are out of sync but a clear system that all employees get protected access to. Anywhere that users have access to an internet connection, they can get access to the system.

Integration with your website

Publish collection items on your website.

E-mail campaigns

Easily send e-mail campaigns with e-mail marketing leader MailChimp.

Fast searches

Find the right artists and pieces in a flash.


Design your collection database so that it is the perfect fit for your company.

Procurement / Sales software

Direct access to every step of the sales process. One central system that allows simple support to be given to clients and clear insight into the status of the client’s request, completely clear in your purchasing sales software.

Which orders have which status, which orders are given priority and a clear insight into the stock development.

inkoop verkoop software
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