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Casting database

Simple, all your profiles, actors, talent and models, transparent and searchable.

FileMaker enables you to make selections and generate reports through powerful search orders.

Casting database for your office?

Questions? Curious about the posibilities of a FileMaker casting database? 035 77 30 111 -  [email protected]

Casting database software

A FileMaker database enables you to easily capture an expensive profile of your talent.

Features, size, specialization, skills, availability, pictures, videos? Record all information in one central system where all your employees can work in a simple & heavily secured manner.

Easily send your clients a clear selection of talents eligible for the project and send reports/lists in your own house style.

Well secured cloud software

Easily consult your systems in the FileMaker cloud or in own management, everywhere.

Mobile & Cross platform

Whether you are working on Mac Windows or on the iPad, log in directly.


Missing features that you would like to register? Add them or have them added.

Receive automatic notifications

Powerful on-line forms where registrations are added directly to your database for verification.

Example UI Casting database

Typies Casting

Typies Casting cast actors and semi-actors for commercials, internet, corporate films, films and television. Typies cast and book models for advertising photography and finish the total package with the best extras.

Integration with your website

Automatically import registrations in your database, directly from your website.

Email Campaigns

Send email campaigns out easily with Email Marketing leader MailChimp

Easily searchable

Quickly find the right candidates and profiles.


Design your casting database in the way that best suits your company.

FileMaker Casting database

Would you like to respond quicker to applications with the best suitable portfolios?

With Kempen Automatisering’s FileMaker casting database, you can search directly for relevant facets. Search easily for a combination of all the features that you have recorded for your profiles

Applications developed based on Apple's daughter FileMaker offers a great deal of flexibility and convenience and the freedom to have your application tailor made for your company.

FileMaker Customer Casting database screen

Established in the center of Hilversum, Kempen Automatisering has worked for a large number of production houses & channels.

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