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FileMaker WebDirect

FileMaker WebDirect offers a user-friendly platform for your business application. WebDirect makes your internal app available to all your users, regardless of the work location, for both mobile and desktop/laptop.

Do you work in a corporate environment where installation of applications is not allowed? Would you like to give partners or customers access to a protected part of your application? With WebDirect you can easily grant access to your application via the browser.  

With WebDirect you can:
  • • Present Excel sheets as professional apps.
  • • Grant clients access to your current stock.
  • • Give clients insight into the progress of your project.
  • • Allow employees to register hours easily.
  • • Share and receive files from freelancers.
  • • Present dashboards to the board with the performance per department.
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FileMaker = Crossplatform

Use your web application on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad & Android devices.

Rapid Development

Layouts designed in FileMaker are translated one on one to HTML5 web apps.

Push Technology

WebDirect always shows you the most recent data without reloading the web app.

Data Protection

Your web application meets the strictest requirements in the area of data protection. Connect with OAauth 2.0, LDAP, Azure, Amazon & Google auth.

FileMaker web
FileMaker - Data integration

Drastically reduce the time it takes to move from initial concept to production-ready with Stack and Variant Page Builder. Your clients will love you for it!

FileMaker WebDirect

Innovative web technology of WebDirect makes FileMaker solutions available directly in a web browser. New functions include - amongst others - support for mobile browsers on tablets and a completely new designed workbench for mobile devices.

Work completely web-based in your FileMaker database, without FileMaker Pro licenses. Imagine: you have a varying number of users, for example, freelancers for whom you can not purchase licenses. Or you want to share data in your FileMaker database with customers who do not have a FileMaker Pro license.

WebDirect offers you the possibility to easily publish your database, or a part of your database, via the web. Once you have developed an application or have it developed for the web, you run the risk that a large diversity of users with different devices will use your application. For example, one user has a (gigantic) 27 inch iMac screen and the other user a 13 inch MacBook. Due to the large difference in the screen size, the application must take into account the different configurations, so that the user experience remains the same regardless of the screen size.

By using HTML5 you can drag files directly from your desktop onto the webdirect page, after which they are uploaded and accessible in your FileMaker database. You can format FileMaker layouts as you normally would, without needing to have knowledge of HTML5. After this you can offer the lay-out to your users via the web, right away.

FileMaker as WebApplication

Share data via a combination of FileMaker Web. This could be integration with an existing website or it could concern a new website. You can let your current users log in to a protected part of your database, which they can view via the WebDirect. It is also possible to exchange data with the users. You can think of the following examples:

  • • Have jobs placed via your FileMaker web solution
  • • Integration of your lead and prospect requests in your FileMaker web solution
  • • Receipt of support tickets via your FileMaker web solution

Unlike with standard software products, with custom software your organization is fully leading. A very powerful concept in contrast to many existing software products where your organization has to conform to a specific working method.

Custom software from Kempen Automatisering is 100% tailored to your organization, so that software solutions are always developed that are fully in line with your specific processes, wishes and requirements. This gives you an unprecedented degree of flexibility.

FileMaker WebDirect
FileMaker Pro - Data integration

Drastically reduce the time it takes to move from initial concept to production-ready with Stack and Variant Page Builder. Your clients will love you for it!

WebDirect sample cases

Kempen Automatisering has used FileMaker Pro in many different ways. Would you like to have more insight into your sales, organize collection management, process orders automatically, show reports easily and/or manage your projects better? 
More about our approach

Sales & Customer Relations management

All your customer relations information in one spot guarantees your own FileMaker ‘Sales Machine’.


Would you like better insight into your planning?

Project management

Would you like to have a better grip on your projects? We use FileMaker for our own projects too, of \ course.

Document management

No more stray copies anywhere. From now on, everything is organized, in one database for the right individuals or departments.

Order processing

No ordinary Excel but a professional database. We recommend it for everyone.

Workflow management

Support your employees with the right tools ‘every step of the way’.

Calculation software

Quick and unequivocal answer to the customer’s question. And it has an attractive design, which is appreciated.


Insight into complex data problems in a comfortable, user-friendly way.

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