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Thé specialist in the custom software field

Got a project? Contact one of our specialists.  [email protected] P: +31 035 77 30 111

Smart applications for complex processes

Kempen Automatisering analyses business processes and translates wishes and requirements into high-quality software solutions. We have been doing this since 2000 with a super strong team for a group of leading clients.

Whatever type of company you have and no matter how complex your business activities are, we ensure that IT-structures are easily integrated in your business processes. With FileMaker Pro and Ruby on Rails we prove the power of our method of working. And this is childishly simple: making it as easy as possible for our clients.

Kempen Automatisering customer
Experienced Developers

We are active since 2000 and have successfully completed over 500 projects since then. KA is a Platinum FileMaker Partner and works only with inhouse senior developers.

Completely transparant

Should you choose Kempen IT you choose a partnership, a sparringpartner and a party that always thinks along with the customer.

Serious security

With Fortinet and Acunetix Partner your software will be planned out from design to development. Obviously according the latest standard/laws and regulations.

Integrate with existing software

Double input makes nobody happy, our integration specialists connect your application to existing systems.

FileMaker Pro

Apple's proven database platform for
Rapid Application Development. 

FileMaker Pro
FileMaker Hosting

Your FileMaker Server completely managed, secured & optimized by Kempen Automatisering.

FileMaker Hosting
FileMaker Go

Friendly way to create powerful iPhone & iPad apps for your company.

FileMaker Go

The new version for Windows and Mac comes with a handful of improvements and new features that fill gaps especially for integrating with online services.

Customer Enterprise Software
Mary Branscombe

With the launch of FileMaker 16 today, the company is adding new features for both of these constituencies, though there is clearly a strong emphasis on offering better support for experienced developers with this release.

TechCrunch - Crunchbase
Frederic Lardinois

As in the latest edition of FileMaker 16 Platform, which comes from an independently-run company that happens to be wholly-owned by Apple.

Computer World - Software Development
Jonny Evans
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