First aid with your project

Is your development project stranded?
Looking for a second opinion on your project?

We help you get back in the saddle.
Kempen Automatisering helps you find a stable solution, in the short term. To then secure your IT strategy.

FileMaker consultancy

Unfortunately, we find it all too often in practice. Your company benefits greatly from a well-functioning FileMaker system, but the project has become stuck through a combination of factors. This could be due to:
• A lack of documentation in complex scripting, making it poorly transferable.
• Inadequate infrastructure resulting in a slow or unstable user experience.
• There is no professional party for support.
• Loss of internal developers.
• Poor availability of current developers.
• Complex code base that can not be maintained.
• There is no stable version in use after a long time development.
• Outdated techniques which are not supported in new versions.

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Based on in-depth technical analysis, our consultants can reveal technical shortcomings just below the surface. In addition Kempen Automatisering has, in 17 years, mastered a number of standards that are demonstrably scalable and maintenance friendly. Based on the analysis, it may be advisable to replace or repair certain modules/components in your application before they can be further developed in your system.

  1. 1


    Our Senior consultants discuss your situation to get an idea of the state of your FileMaker system.

  2. 2

    FileMaker code analysis

    After an introduction we do an automated analysis based on a number of specialist tools combined with a manual analysis to get a better picture of the current status of your code base.

  3. 3

    Action plan

    Based on the extensive analysis, we advise you to achieve a stable & productive situation, in the short term.

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