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Collection management

Manage your art collection effortlessly with FileMaker collection management.

Simple database software for your gallery, exhibitions, art trade or purchase/sale organisation. Give your customer the right data quickly and easily; print it out on Mac, Windows and iPad.

Questions? Curious about the posibilities of FileMaker for your collection management? 035 77 30 111 -  [email protected]

Collection management software

A FileMaker database enables you to easily develop a comprehensive profile of artists, periods, styles, attributes and prices.

Input customer details, including areas of interest, for easy retrieval and follow-up when purchasing new pieces.

Highly secure cloud software

Easily consult your system anywhere and anytime in the FileMaker cloud or in your own in-house system.

Mobile and cross-platform

Direct login on Mac, Windows and iPad.


Want to add more attributes? You or your developer can add them easily.

Integration with existing systems

Easily connect your collection management system to online services such as MailChimp.

Kempen Automatisering has been closely involved in software projects for the art world ever since it was founded in 2000. For more information see our FileMaker Customer story.

Example UI Collectie beheer database

Frans Jacobs

If the collections weren't in FileMaker, the gallery staff wouldn't be able to work the way they do. Key information about works of art from our collections can be printed out at the touch of a button in the format we like, or sent by e-mail.

You don't waste a lot of time searching for pieces or typing out and printing lists. Van Harn: "The FileMaker application has really streamlined how we work. We can create and send detailed reports while we have a customer on the line and looking up information about our collections is fast and easy. In our business, saving time is a godsend because it gives us that professional edge.

QR codes "We have a database with the URLs for each and every work we have on our website. FileMaker then generates a QR code for information cards that can be used at trade shows and other events.

Complete collections can be displayed on an iPad, both online and offline, at trade shows and exhibitions. Interested buyers can receive an information file by e-mail directly from the application. Everything is fast, smooth and effortless.

Integration with your website

Publish collection items on your website.

E-mail campaigns

Easily send e-mail campaigns with e-mail marketing leader MailChimp.

Fast searches

Find the right artists and pieces in a flash.


Design your collection database so that it is the perfect fit for your company.

Collection management software

Easily display additional information on the iPad.

Always have information about your collection at hand. Manage image descriptions, certificates and documents for your collection.

FileMaker displays an overview of all purchases at a glance and makes managing your art collection simple and efficient.

FileMaker Customer collectie beheer database screen
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