FileMaker GO

Apple's software platform for creating

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FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go gives you access to your business information from your iPhone and iPad, everywhere and at any time of the day. FileMaker Go provides indispensable convenience for any professional company where time and efficiency play an important role. Want to know more? Ask us for a demo of all the possibilities of FileMaker Go.

Insight into the planning, your inventory management or collection with the click of a button? On the way to a client want to quickly search on the iPhone for an address in the client base? Want to present your report during a client meeting, via the iPad?  

  • • Support your sellers with a killer App
  • • Your CRM data with FileMaker GO on the iPhone.
  • • Complete work work orders on the iPad with FileMaker Go.
  • • Upload photos and files with a FileMaker Go.
  • • Your product catalog with a professional App.
  • • Access to Sales & CRM data on the go.

  FileMaker GO projects

FileMaker Go

FileMaker GO has been downloaded by three million users and is available in fifteen languages and a hundred languages.

In-sync with your other applications

Automatically receive the most recent data at the office and on the go.

Rapid Development

Your projects are rounded off quicker than with traditional app-development environments.

Apple's touchID

Allows users to log in easily by means of a finger print.

iBeacon & GPS integration

Process Apple's iBeacon and GPS signals into your app for extra ease of use..

Bring your own device

Do employees use their own mobile devices? With FileMaker Go your company data remains in safe hands.

FileMaker, First Take: Powerful but still usable.

The new version for Windows and Mac comes with a handful of improvements and new features that fill gaps especially for integrating with online services.

Customer Enterprise Software
Mary Branscombe

FileMaker 16 launches with improved tools for more advanced developers.

With the launch of FileMaker 16 today, the company is adding new features for both of these constituencies, though there is clearly a strong emphasis on offering better support for experienced developers with this release.

TechCrunch - Crunchbase
Frederic Lardinois

Nowhere is Apple’s visionary approach to enterprise technology evidenced as clearly.

As in the latest edition of FileMaker 16 Platform, which comes from an independently-run company that happens to be wholly-owned by Apple.

Computer World - Software Development
Jonny Evans

FileMaker Go sample cases

Kempen Automatisering has used FileMaker Pro in many different ways. Would you like to have more insight into your sales, organize collection management, process orders automatically, show reports easily and/or manage your projects better? 
More about our approach

Sales & Customer Relations management

All your customer relations information in one spot guarantees your own FileMaker ‘Sales Machine’.


Would you like better insight into your planning?

Project management

Would you like to have a better grip on your projects? We use FileMaker for our own projects too, of \ course.

Document management

No more stray copies anywhere. From now on, everything is organized, in one database for the right individuals or departments.

Order processing

No ordinary Excel but a professional database. We recommend it for everyone.

Workflow management

Support your employees with the right tools ‘every step of the way’.

Calculation software

Quick and unequivocal answer to the customer’s question. And it has an attractive design, which is appreciated.


Insight into complex data problems in a comfortable, user-friendly way.

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