Apple's #1 software platform for creating

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FileMaker an Apple subsidiary

Powerful software for creating tailor-made apps.
Work seamlessly on an iPad, iPhone, and Windows, Mac and the Web.

Why do the developers at Kempen Automatisering really like to work with FileMaker Pro? Simple. Because it has everything that a professional company requires. With FileMaker Pro we are able to to quickly write beautiful and user-friendly applications.  

For our customers, FileMaker means above all a lot of convenience, flexibility and simplicity without being incomplete. And that's a fairly unique combination. No wonder millions of professionals rely on this tried and tested database software every day. Governments, industry and the education sector work with FileMaker to effortlessly manage all their information under Windows, on a Mac or on the web. Discover with us What FileMaker Pro can do for you.  

1 Million Active users

As a full subsidiary of Apple, the FileMaker Platform has 1 million active subscriptions & 3 million iPhone app downloads, worldwide. Available in 15 languages & 100 countries.

Rapid Development

Save time by having your application developed in FileMaker Pro.

Integration possibilities

Integrate FileMaker with existing marketing, sales, CRM, online databases & environments

Data Protection

Extensive measures to safely process and store your business data according to the latest legislation. The banks & financial institutions from our client base confirm our knowledge with regard to data security.

FileMaker sample cases

Kempen Automatisering has used FileMaker Pro in many different ways. Would you like to have more insight into your sales, organize collection management, process orders automatically, show reports easily and/or manage your projects better? 
More about our approach

Sales & Customer Relations management

All your customer relations information in one spot guarantees your own FileMaker ‘Sales Machine’.


Would you like better insight into your planning?

Project management

Would you like to have a better grip on your projects? We use FileMaker for our own projects too, of \ course.

Document management

No more stray copies anywhere. From now on, everything is organized, in one database for the right individuals or departments.

Order processing

No ordinary Excel but a professional database. We recommend it for everyone.

Workflow management

Support your employees with the right tools ‘every step of the way’.

Calculation software

Quick and unequivocal answer to the customer’s question. And it has an attractive design, which is appreciated.


Insight into complex data problems in a comfortable, user-friendly way.

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FileMaker Customer screen

Carefully considered business apps

Premium Design

The user-friendly interface of FileMaker Pro has enabled users to develop Apps and databases, for a wide range of information needs, for over 30 years. Whether it is to get a better picture of the sales processes within a company or to generate orders and invoices in a simple manner, with FileMaker a company can find a tailor-made solution.

Quality Code

High-quality and stable software solutions where everyone in your company can work with it simultaneously, in a safe way.

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