ruby development

Ruby Development

Ruby is an open-source programming language with a very extensive development platform an a strong focus on
manageability, elegance & productivity for the programmer.

Kempen Automatisering uses Ruby development for developing smart software solutions, cloud solutions, web applications and
integration tools.

ruby development example

Ambitious Ruby Development Plans?

Ruby is a powerful, elegant and widely usable development language. It creates web applications, tools, batches and reports and provides for exchanges between systems.

Ruby is used with very successful startups & companies such as; Groupon, Bloomberg, HULU, AirBNB, Shopify, Soundcloud, Basecamp, Github, Kickstarter.

Do you want to use Ruby for your project?

More information about our approach

Powerful RubyGems

Using high quality libraries to prevent us having to reinvent the wheel for you.

Short iterations

Perfect for the Agile way of working, work in short iterations to get high quality products.

Scalable Cloud solutions

Start small and scale out completely automatically if you get more users.

low maintenance

By automating trivial maintenance tasks and implementations the developer can focus on one thing: developing beautiful softw

Why Ruby?

Excellent performance for our customers with a strong emphasis on productivity is the reason our developers walk away with Ruby.

Mature: Ruby is a mature and robust battle-tested platform.
Flexible: Because Ruby has been developed with the productivity of the developer as the main goal, it can focus on developing high-quality software from day one.
Connectivity: Makes connections easily with a wide range of data sources such as Postgres, NoSQL & APIs.
Community: A large group of dedicated developers help each other with the continuous improvement of Ruby as a platform.
Modern: Short iterations by using Agile techniques, so that your project progresses faster.
No license fees: Whether you have ten or a thousand users, Ruby is free and open-source. Start with minimal server infrastructure to be able to go live at a low cost. Scale up if use increases.


Elegant & Versatile

Ruby was developed in 1993 by (Matz) Yukihiro Matsumoto, where from day one he had in mind to make it as easy as possible for the programmer to write high-quality software.

Active community

More than 100 000 Powerful RubyGems enables us to use simple block functionality for your project during the Ruby development.

Ruby & Rails Development

+5 million downloads of Ruby on Rails, the popular framework for constructing Web Applications, used by the worlds largest web giants.

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