Security Measures

Your data compliant and secured according to the latest standard.

Network traffic from and to your FileMaker solution protected with Comodo's SSL certificates.

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Anti-Malware scanner

The Malware scanners of Fortinet scans your network traffic and your servers to prevent Malware.

Intrusion Detection

All network traffic to your FileMaker Server is analyzed against a database with millions of known attacks, which is updated every hour.

Former Dutch Gold stock

Our data center in Enschede served for years as main storage for the Dutch gold stocks of the Dutch bank. The physical protection is therefore of the highest level.
ISO 27001, NEN 7510

Bruteforce protection

In addition, FileMaker offers a 'low throughput' of passwords by default, so the number of files attempted can not be guessed automatically at a high rate.

Next Generation Firewall

The Next Generation Firewall of fortinet offers the possibility to filter access to your FileMaker environment on location. In addition, known attack patterns are stopped as much as possible before they reach your server.

Additional VPN options

Via Open VPN SSL we offer the possibility to offer management functions such as the admin console or your complete FileMaker database behind an extra VPN layer of security.

Download our security whitepaper

For an overview of our far-reaching security measure.

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Dedicated Hosting

€ 175,- Starting price, depends on the number of users FileMaker 17
  • Dedicated resources for your business
  • SSL encrypted connections
  • 256 AES data encryption at rest
  • 60 GB storage (more available)
  • Up to 125 databases
  • Unmetered data traffic
  • Storage in line with the Personal Data Protection Act

Premium Hosting

Contact us Our consultants custom design your FileMaker infrastructure FileMaker 17
  • VPN, Private connections
  • Direct phone number
  • Daily security audits
  • Tight firewall policies
FileMaker Premium Hosting
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Platinum Certified & 18 years experience with FileMaker and FileMaker hosting

100% hosted on Dutch territory, in Amsterdam, Enschede & Hengelo.

24/7 performance & uptime monitoring by FileMaker experts.

Redundant, off-site backup. Your backup geographically spread, hardened against cryptolockers and Malware.

Dedicated Enterprise Virtualization based on VMware vCloud. VM ware's enterprise private cloud virtualization.

Your data stored in the former gold storage of the Dutch Bank.
ISO 27001, NEN7510.

FileMaker customer reference

We handle your migration

You have completed the construction of your customized app. Congratulations, but what now? There are a number of considerations to successfully use your FileMaker app for the rest of your team. Who has access to your app and what devices do they use to connect? Are the backups well organized?

You do not need any special knowledge to have all applications run smoothly. We take care of the technical story behind FileMaker hosting. We keep the transition to the cloud simple.

Does your IT department have no capacity to provide your FileMaker application with a correct server environment? Or do you not want to wait months before they get to this? We offer you the server environment for your FileMaker database in our FileMaker Hosting environment.

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