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Apple's software platform for creating

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FileMaker Server

With FileMaker Server Kempen Automatisering makes it possible to manage your network safely over your network or over the web and to be of service to network users. No cloud provider, no data abroad, but complete grip on your own data within the firewall of your own network.

How? That is where we come in. Kempen Automatisering ensures that your FileMaker run applications faultlessly on your FileMaker Server. With FileMaker Server - via the web and your internal network - you can easily access the desired company data in a secure manner. Do you have FileMaker Go? Then you can easily connect to the FileMaker Server via your wireless network, WiFi or 3G/GG.

FileMaker Server, together with the necessary health checks and backups, ensures a stable environment, entirely on autopilot.

FileMaker Server offers a central database that can also be accessed by other applications for exchanging data, via ODBC, REST-JSON, XML. But also the authentication, think for example of LDAP & OAUTH for picking up on existing authentication systems.

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FileMaker Server - Crossplatform

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, the FileMaker Platform has one million active subscriptions and three million iPhone app downloads worldwide. It is available in fifteen languages and one hundred countries.


Your company data in the cloud or within your own firewall. There are positive points with both options, the choice is yours.


FileMaker Server is perfect for multi-user environments, up to 1000+ users can work in your app simultaneously

Data Protection

Extensive encryption and security measures to safely process and store your business data in accordance with the latest legislation.

FileMaker Server

What is FileMaker hosting?

With FileMaker Hosting, Kempen Automatisering always offers you secure access to your company data. Real time and 24/7. This means that the most recent data is always shown and you can work simultaneously with your colleagues in the database.

Extra additional advantage: all of this, wherever you are. Whether you pick an order from management on your iPad, change your planning from at home, on the couch, or search for the address of your appointment on the road: anything is possible. Read how with FileMaker Go and FileMaker.

FileMaker Hosting enables you to easily work with multiple users simultaneously in your FileMaker database: • No investment in your own server
• No time lost installing and updating the server
• Improved performance due to a professional server setup
• Automatic back-up and off-site back-ups
• Your database also available from home or other locations
• Clear and transparent costs

Why FileMaker Server?

Professional Business apps developed in FileMaker Pro are placed on a FileMaker Server. FileMaker Server ensures that anyone who - for example - types in, will get to see your developed app.

Apps developed in FileMaker Pro can be used by FileMaker Server and WebDirect as a web application. Users can work with your app via a web interface of WebDirect without having to install anything on the desktop or laptop. In addition, they can connect FileMaker Pro with FileMaker Server for the most optimal user experience.

FileMaker customer reference

FileMaker, First Take: Powerful but still usable.

The new version for Windows and Mac comes with a handful of improvements and new features that fill gaps especially for integrating with online services.

Customer Enterprise Software
Mary Branscombe

FileMaker 16 launches with improved tools for more advanced developers.

With the launch of FileMaker 16 today, the company is adding new features for both of these constituencies, though there is clearly a strong emphasis on offering better support for experienced developers with this release.

TechCrunch - Crunchbase
Frederic Lardinois

Nowhere is Apple’s visionary approach to enterprise technology evidenced as clearly.

As in the latest edition of FileMaker 16 Platform, which comes from an independently-run company that happens to be wholly-owned by Apple.

Computer World - Software Development
Jonny Evans

FileMaker Server sample cases

Kempen Automatisering has used FileMaker Pro in many different ways. Would you like to have more insight into your sales, organize collection management, process orders automatically, show reports easily and/or manage your projects better? 
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Sales & Customer Relations management

All your customer relations information in one spot guarantees your own FileMaker ‘Sales Machine’.


Would you like better insight into your planning?

Project management

Would you like to have a better grip on your projects? We use FileMaker for our own projects too, of \ course.

Document management

No more stray copies anywhere. From now on, everything is organized, in one database for the right individuals or departments.

Order processing

No ordinary Excel but a professional database. We recommend it for everyone.

Workflow management

Support your employees with the right tools ‘every step of the way’.

Calculation software

Quick and unequivocal answer to the customer’s question. And it has an attractive design, which is appreciated.


Insight into complex data problems in a comfortable, user-friendly way.

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