FileMaker Premium Hosting

Seamlessly deploying your FileMaker application in the cloud

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Dedicated Hosting

€ 175,- Starting price, depends on the number of users FileMaker 17
  • Dedicated resources for your business
  • SSL encrypted connections
  • 256 AES data encryption at rest
  • 60 GB storage (more available)
  • Up to 125 databases
  • Unmetered data traffic
  • Storage in line with the Personal Data Protection Act

Premium Hosting

Contact us Our consultants custom design your FileMaker infrastructure FileMaker 17
  • VPN, Private connections
  • Direct phone number
  • Daily security audits
  • Tight firewall policies
FileMaker Premium Hosting

Platinum Certified & 18 jaar ervaring met FileMaker en FileMaker hosting

100% gehost op Nederlands grondgebied, in Amsterdam, Enschede & Hengelo.

24/7 performance & uptime monitoring door FileMaker experts.

Redudante, offsite backup. Uw backup geografisch gespreid, gehard tegen cryptolockers en malware.

Dedicated Enterprise Virtualisatie op basis van VMware vCloud. VM ware's enterprise private cloud virtualisatie.

Uw data opgeslagen in de voormalige goudvoorraad van de Nederlandse Bank.
ISO 27001, NEN7510.

FileMaker customer reference

We handle the migration process for you.

You've finally finished developing your custom app. Great! But now what? There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to successfully deploying your FileMaker app for the rest of your team. Who needs access to your app and which devices do they use to connect? Are the backups well organised?

You do not need any specific knowledge to ensure all applications run smoothly. We handle all the technology running behind the scenes of your FileMaker hosting plan. In other words, we handle migration to the cloud.

Perhaps your IT team doesn't have the capacity to deploy your FileMaker application in a suitable server environment? Or perhaps you don't feel like waiting months before they can get around to it? Our FileMaker Hosting environment provides the server environment for your FileMaker database.

FileMaker Hosting Security

Kempen Automatisering uses dedicated resources only. The components and infrastructure your server uses are also called resources. Dedicated resources means that your virtual server does not share memory or computing power with other companies. You get exactly what you pay for, so your server is not susceptible to performance fluctuations caused by other customers - as you might find in budget shared server environments.

Your data are hosted in the Netherlands at EQUINIX’S EN1 data centre

When you choose our FileMaker Dedicated Hosting, you are opting for top quality hosting that delivers uncompromising security and performance. We work exclusively with:
• Enterprise hardware
• VMware vSphere, enterprise virtualisation
• Virtualisation based on dedicated resources (private cloud)
• ISO 27001-certified infrastructure
• NEN/7510-certified modern infrastructure
• Hosted in the Netherlands
• SSL: All of your FileMaker communications are secure
For more technical information about FileMaker hosting please download our FileMaker hosting white paper.

Download our FileMaker dedicated hosting white paper for more technical information about FileMaker dedicated hosting.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority can fine your company since 1 january if you violate the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. The maximum fine is € 820.000.

We start by encrypting your data so it is immediately protected in case of loss or theft. We use a range of measures, security products and technologies to protect customer data in accordance with the latest legislation and regulations.

Dead server?

Kempen Automatisering hosting uses VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise, the market leader in private cloud computing. Robust with high performance across redundant hardware. Not susceptible to hardware failure thanks to redundant storage and failover.

Next Generation Firewall

A system that checks all incoming and outgoing messages against a database of 6.2 million known attacks. These attack signatures are updated daily so potential attacks can be blocked before they reach the server.

The Next Generation Firewall is only available for dedicated and premium hosting customers.

Intrusion Prevention System

Kempen Automatisering has partnered with Fortinet, the industry leader in dedicated threat prevention and security products. The Fortigate Next Generation Firewall analyses all network traffic to ward off potential attacks.

Data Security

FileMaker Server uses two types of encryption:
FileMaker Server uses two types of encryption:
• Encryption at rest. The database is secured with AES-256 encryption, ensuring that the file and all data in the file are unusable if stolen.
• Encryption of communication between user and server per the current SSL standard using SSL certificates.
FileMaker features low password throughput, which means that the number of files cannot be guessed automatically at high speed.

Sales & Relationship management

All of your relations in one location, use FileMaker to create a sales machine.


Do you want a better insight of your planning?

Project management

More hold over your projects? We also use FileMaker to manage our projects

Document management

No more roaming copys, one database accessible to only the right people

Order processing

A professional database, no run of the mill excel, we advise it to everyone.

Workflow management

Support your employees using the right tools for any step in the process.

Calculation software

Unambiguously answer the questions of your customer faster, all wrapped in a neat design.


Insight into complex data issues in a user-friendly wrapper

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