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Trust management software

Manage clients, UBOs, accounting, hours, invoices and retainers in a single centralised system.

Software customised to seamlessly fit your business processes and organisation.

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trust management software

Trust management software

Developed from the ground up specifically for trust companies. All your client data and documents are encrypted according to the latest military standards. Everything is fully managed on your own infrastructure or on Kempen Automatisering's private cloud.

Automatic exchange with FinScan or Relian for your compliance scans. Alerts about expiring contracts, document authentication and compliance scans are easily created.

Time tracking and billing

Your employees can book hours directly to clients, easily and accurately.

Monitor hours worked compared to current budgets and gain timely insight into extra work or transfers from retainers. Greater insight into hours worked and associated rates. List all UBOs and client data for a full, detailed overview of your clients.

Based on FileMaker Pro, the powerful database engine developed by FileMaker Inc, a subsidiary of Apple. Trust management software runs on Mac, Windows & iPad (iOS). Custom features, integrations and extensions can be offered on a project basis to ensure the trust management software is optimally configured for your company.

Highly secure cloud software

Easily access your application anywhere and anytime in the FileMaker cloud or in your own in-house system.

Mobile and cross-platform

Direct login on Mac, Windows and iPad.


Make your voice heard in the development of the software package.

Integration with your website

Automatically import entries into your database directly from your website.

Integration with your website

Publish collection items on your website.

E-mail campaigns

Easily send e-mail campaigns with e-mail marketing leader MailChimp.

Fast searches

Find the right artists and pieces in a flash.


Design your collection database so that it is the perfect fit for your company.

Trust management software

Document flows under control

Archive documents easily in the system, with automatic full encryption, password protection, full backups and total in-house control.

Automated billing

Automatically generate batches of invoices based on your booked hours, annual retainers and/or fixed amounts. Better insight into your invoicing flows, trends and statistics.

'Simple CRM'

Keep relationship management simple: a single centralised location for all your customer data (fully encrypted).

FileMaker trust management software
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