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FileMaker & MailChimp features

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FileMaker & MailChimp FAQ

MailChimp Custom Forms

Pull in new subscribers from MailChimp to FileMaker (Custom Forms). Custom Forms allow MailChimp users to create a webform which can be placed in your website. Custom Forms allow visitors to subscribe to your list. FM Chimp allows you to pull in the subscribers from MailChimp to FileMaker.

Post updates to MailChimp

Write profile updates from FileMaker to MailChimp. New subscribers are automatically pulled in to your FileMaker database allowing customers to use lead generation forms without having to program custom webforms.

Target customers based on your FileMaker data

connected to FM Chimp from your FileMaker database can be used in your MailChimp account allowing for highly targeted MailChimp campaigns; campaigns with content that is relevant to your selected subscribers. For instance, send out an email campaign to all customers with an invoice amount more than X dollars/euros.

Push updates from FileMaker to MailChimp

Did your customer indicate an interest in a specific product or service? Or did you change the name of a customer in a record? FM Chimp automatically updates your MailChimp list making sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date data at your disposal when sending out an email campaign.

FM Chimp 4.0 - installation

Kempen Automatisering's engineer will perform the following steps in order to get the connection between FileMaker & MailChimp up and running.

We use TeamViewer to remotely access your FileMaker environment in a safe and secure way.

Please view the video in fullscreen for the best result.

For the previous release please see

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