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FM Chimp: connect FileMaker to MailChimp

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Including remote installation by Kempen Automatisering
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FileMaker MailChimp

Direct Mail is targeted.

And economically smart: compared to other forms of advertising, direct mail is very cost-saving.

Email marketing is personal if used correctly, because you can select yourself who receives your message. This allows you to carry out targeted marketing campaigns that appeal to a specific target group. Being able to design and implement quickly and directly is very efficient and therefore often leads to a successful campaign.

Number 1 in Email Marketing

MailChimp is the absolute market leader in email marketing, with more than 14 million.

Powerful Email Automation

Use powerful ‘e-mail automation’. Send e-mail automatically on the basis of your client data.

Prevent spam marking

Prevent your e-mails from ending up in the spam box of your client. MailChimp helps you to prevent spam marketing.

Feedback to FileMaker

Process client registration/de-registration updates & statistics of your e-mail campaigns fully automatically.

Questions? Questions about our MailChimp connection? Contact our experts     035 77 30 111 -  [email protected]


Would you like to use FM CHIMP? Then you should have the following components;

  • FileMaker Server
  • FileMaker 12 or higher
  • (Free) MailChimp account

MailChimp Free until

2.000 people on your list.
12.000 emails per month.
No contract, or credit card


$ 1190 We will use your currency at the checkout.
Kempen Automatisering performs your FileMaker & MailChimp integration remotely from A to Z.

  • Guaranteed working setup
  • Official "MailChimp tool"
  • Process de-registrations
  • Prevent excel im/exports
  • MailChimp expert 2012
  • Including 1 year updates
  • Full sync
  • Import statistics
  • Sync any number of fields
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FileMaker MailChimp

By using FM CHIMP you combine the best e-mail marketing software with your favorite FileMaker database.

FileMaker MailChimp integrates and connects your new or existing FileMaker Pro database with the MailChimp platform. 'Lightning fast and rock solid':

Server sided technology ensures a fully automated exchange. With this FM CHIMP provides a powerful alternative compared to faltering existing 'direct mail' solutions. It is the ultimate combination of the most user friendly database and the most powerful e-mail marketing software.

Open & adjustable solution

FM CHIMP handles all logic to make the exchange with MailChimp possible. Simply connect your FileMaker database or those of your clients with FM CHIMP, by adding a single FileMaker occurrence.

PHP Files

For the communication from FileMaker with the MailChimp connection. This allows us to exchange relationship data and CRM data between the MailChimp software and the FileMaker database.

Email Marketing integration in one day

After purchasing FM CHIMP you have all the information to easily set up your own connection.
FM CHIMP was developed from the idea that you need to adjust as little as possible to your existing FileMaker database.

FileMaker customer reference

Design the perfect mailing

Create simple e-mail campaigns that do not end up in the SPAM box and look good on all devices.
Send personalized messages to smart client segments in your FileMaker database.

More relevant e-mail campaigns through better segments result in better results.

Questions? Need an app? Contact one of our specialists.  035 77 30 111 -  [email protected]
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