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FileMaker G2 rating

Workplace innovation platforms are high productivity collaborative development tools used by both developers and non-developers to solve business challenges not addressed by existing systems. They allow business leaders and general staff to work collaboratively to build applications and automate business processes while innovating their organization’s digital portfolio.

The user-friendly interface of workplace innovation platforms enables non-developers to quickly produce applications using free-form visual design tools. For professional developers, these platforms facilitate full-stack development and offer the ability to fine-tune applications and expand functionality. Adaptive and robust app creation tools allow for instant schema production and prevent classic syntax errors and exceptions, letting businesses iterate on pace with their rapidly evolving business requirements.

While traditional programming and RAD tools remain in the hands of IT departments and developers, workplace innovation platforms enable virtually all users—regardless of IT experience—to build, customize, and maintain applications that evolve alongside their business. Workplace innovation platforms allow teams to share information in real time on any device. They also provide tools to connect systems and services using API integration. These platforms allow users to adopt emerging technologies through extensibility without the complexity of traditional development and integration.

Beyond the technical offerings of workplace innovation platforms, many of tools offer extensive resources that include a global professional partner network, in-depth learning resources, and an active online community. This allows users to build off the development of other teams and share their experiences working with the platform. Many also provide integrated marketplaces of commercial products that help extend the functionality of the platform.

FileMaker G2 Satisfaction Score

Check out this list of the top Workplace Innovation Platforms products based on user satisfaction. A product's satisfaction score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings from review data. Software buyers can compare products according to their satisfaction scores to streamline the buying process and quickly identify the best products based on the experiences of their peers.

FileMaker G2 rating

FileMaker G2 Usability Score

See the top Workplace Innovation Platforms products based on usability ratings. A product’s usability score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real user satisfaction ratings of how easy the product is to administer, as well as how well the product meets business requirements, among other ratings. Compare products according to their usability scores to streamline the buying process and quickly identify the best products based on real user experiences.

FileMaker G2 rating
To qualify for inclusion in the Workplace Innovation Platform category
  • Provide both visual design and full-stack development tools
  • Provide collaborative application management and secure communication capabilities
  • Facilitate cross-platform availability via on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
  • Provide integration tools for connecting to systems, services, and platforms
  • Provide a partner network, learning resources, marketplace, and/or user community
Rank Vendor
1 FileMaker
2 Airtable
3 Salesforce Lightning
4 Google App Maker
5 AppSheet
6 Ninox Database
7 Zoho Creator
8 Quick Base
9 K2 Platform
Key Benefits of Low-code Development Platforms
  • Create product quickly with reduced dev time.
  • Gain business insight early in the dev lifecycle.
  • Evolve an application or project based feedback.
  • Create a better product based off of feedback.
  • Lower cost by creating a new product quickly.
  • Reduce risk with frequent updates, rather than relying on one large final release.
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