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Ordermanagement software

Grip on your order flow with one smart central package for order management.

Manage orders, deliveries, invoices, clients, purchase orders and powerful stock management, completely customized.

Order management software for your company?

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Ordermanagement software

Ordermanagement software based on FileMaker Pro has a powerful foundation, developed by Kempen Automatisering. Reusable block functionality can easily be extended and adapted to your needs. In this way, Kempen Automatisering always provides an order management software solution that suits your company, your products and your working method.

• Easily organize your product catalog.
• Import supplier lists or connect with purchasing systems.
• Powerful quotations & calculations based on smart templates.
• Inventory management more insight into your inventory turnover.
• Easily send invoices linked to your online accountant.

Well-secured cloud software

Consult your system in the FileMaker cloud or in own management, easily and everywhere.

Mobile and Crossplatform

Whether you work on Mac, Windows or on the iPad, log right in.


Missing features that you would like to register? Add them or have them added..

Receive automatic orders

Powerful online forms whereby orders & requests can be seen directly in your database.

Example UI Ordermanagement software


Client story

Paxpring is specialized in designing, developing and overseeing production of world-renowned packaging materials for leading brands.

From initial customer contact to billing management, the process is in FileMaker ordermanagement software.

Integration with your website

Publish collection items on your website.

E-mail campaigns

Easily send e-mail campaigns with e-mail marketing leader MailChimp.

Fast searches

Find the right artists and pieces in a flash.


Design your collection database so that it is the perfect fit for your company.

FileMaker Ordermanagement software

Support in all facets of order management.

GeoPoint Systems B.V. specializes in the development, production and maintenance of high-quality geotechnical measuring equipment. With a sharp focus on quality and above all customer orientation, GeoPoint is the market leader for probing instruments in the Benelux and has customers all over the world.

• Creating shipments
• Generating packing notes
• Tracking orders & back orders
• Providing invoicing
• CRM (Overview of the client data)

FileMaker Customer Ordermanagement software screen
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